Head On – the locations

All the stories have been written, and all the heads are in place. Nicola Atkinson/nadfly has now finished drawing up a map of the route through Glasgow, for a walk accompanied by readings of the stories on the 20th of July. I can’t make it alas, but thought I would put up the map here if anyone is interested in following it under their own steam.



I’ve felt really privileged to be part of this project, and here’s hoping it spreads to other cities soon!


Head On (continued)

Glasgow-based artist Nicola Atkinson has been curating the public art exhibition ‘Head On’, for the last few weeks now, and my contribution to the project is now in place. Here’s the link to my story, and the location where the head can be found (if you look hard enough … ) My story was an attempt to deal with the object as artefact, metaphor and practice, all in 500 words! Four other stories are also up on the site, including my friend and colleague Martin MacInnes’s, and the rest will follow over the next few weeks. Enjoy!