Strange drink

I spent part of this afternoon on a quest for strange booze, a type of vermouth called Lillet Blanc that my brother had asked me if I could find in Glasgow’s bustling metropolis. Those who have read the book (I don’t think it was specifically mentioned in the film) will know that this is an alternate name for “Kina Lillet”, a key ingredient of the “Vesper” martini that James Bond devises in Casino Royale. I tried Oddbins, Peckhams and Waitrose, but without any luck. I can’t think of anywhere else in Glasgow that specialises in odd drink, so it looks like this will have to be one for the internet, and tomorrow, when I go round to visit, we’ll be denied a chance to pretend to be James Bond merely by drinking the same booze as him. That’s the real tragedy of this story, but by sheer coincidence, The Spy Who Loved Me was on TV in the afternoon, so at least the Bond theme can continue.

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