Lit mag, further developments

A productive weekend – Martin came round from sunny Leith to talk over some ideas concerning the development of our journal, an enterprise which I have written about before. We (sort of) have a title, and, (almost) more importantly, we have some kind of idea of the tone and tendency of the journal itself – internationalist, mixing essays with fiction. Crucially, there’s going to be no editorial, no phoney “manifesto”, no self-aggrandising attempt to position ourselves as the last bastion of a declining culture or a corrective to an entrenched literary oligarchy blah blah blah, no performances or club nights or “poetry slams”, or any of the other puffed-up stunts adopted by most new lit mags. (I realise that this sounds suspiciously like a manifesto in itself. Let’s pass over that in silence for a moment … )

All the logistic details are pretty much worked out in theory, so it will just be a question of getting them in place and putting out a call for submissions. As I said in the earlier post, we’re going to go for the (free) subscriber quarterly PDF model, with the long term intention of producing an annual print issue (either a digest of the year or a themed issue). We’re both completely enthused by the idea anyway. It will clearly be the last bastion of a declining literary culture. We’re hoping to get all this up and running by January, with the first issue provisionally coming out in March. Keep watching this space.


4 thoughts on “Lit mag, further developments

    1. richardstrachan Post author

      Thanks! I’ll be updating info on the blog, once we get more of the logistical side of things worked out. And find a new name (the one we had has already been taken … )


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