I’ve been astonished by how many hits we’ve had on the Free State site – slightly jealous that in three days it’s had as many as I normally get in a month for this blog. (Anyone who writes a regular blog will know how insanely addictive checking your stats can be.) So far, we’ve had a number of subscribers, some submissions (from people we don’t even know!), and between us we think we’ve got a good idea of how the journal is going to be compiled. I’m amazed how quickly it’s come together.

Reading-wise, I have almost finished “The Archaeology of Knowledge” by Michel Foucault (I won’t attempt to summarise or comment on the book, for fear of making it clear that I’m a few IQ points below being able to follow every line of his argument). Next in line are a couple of books by Stephen Greenblatt, high priest of New Historicism, then after that I’ll combine a return to the GFBA longlist with Derrida’s “Writing and Difference”. Essentially, I never need to buy a book again, because I have more than enough to read scattered about this flat and in the attic at my parents’ house. Accumulation of texts is a hard habit to shake though, and one not easily broken.


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