I blog therefore I am

There was an interesting article in today’s Observer about the rise and rise of blogging, its dangers and drawbacks and its value as a means of communication. You can find the article here.

Like (probably) most people, I made the conscious decision to start writing a blog because I thought it would help with my other writing. Although I wanted as much as possible to steer away from the danger of humourless self-promotion, in the long term I thought it might get more people aware of it. At the time, I was starting to write more book reviews, and a blog seemed like a good way of keeping a record of them when they appeared.

Now, it’s become more of an end in itself, not so much blogging for the sake of blogging, but an outlet for thoughts on writing and reading that I don’t really record anywhere else. I have so far avoided putting in any personal detail of my day to day life, mainly because what I do day to day is so staggeringly boring and devoid of incident that I can barely force myself to think about, let alone write about, it. While I’m keeping the blog updated though, it feels like I’m contributing something. And if anything staggeringly bizarre or unusual ever happens to me (like, maybe the post-it notes running out at work!) I’ll be sure to mention it on here.

As things stand now, I’ve finished the Kristin Hersh book and will try and write the review this evening. Take a look at her website for more info about this amazing singer-songwriter, and for links to free music (the 50 Foot Wave stuff she does is excellent). Next on the list is “The Book of Crows” …


2 thoughts on “I blog therefore I am

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  2. roopost


    I quite enjoyed this, and the guardian article. As it turns out, after reading your post, I came across something quite opposite and less inspiring. I have included my comments on that here: http://roopost.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/two-ends-of-the-spectrum/. I have included a link to your post in mine and would have sent it back to you in the form of one of those quite useful, but wholly outside my ‘blogging skills’, the ‘Ping Back’.

    If you would prefer, I’ll remove the link. Merely comment to the post. I check it regularly.

    Kind regards,


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