Year of plenty

2011 is shaping up to be quite successful so far, in terms of getting stuff I’ve written actually published. I have a story appearing in “Litro”, the free literary newspaper, in June, and another appearing in an anthology by the InkerMen Press in September. I’ll put up links to them once they’re actually published, but so far that’s three in a row (including the story printed in the last Gutter). And we’re not even half way through the year. (Of course, I never mention any of my failures here, so it might not be as impressive as it sounds … )

There are three short story competitions I’m going to enter over the summer as well, so I’ll keep the blog updated with their progress. I have also finished writing the penultimate section of the last part of my novel (I never think in terms of ‘chapters’ – large sections of what I write are occasionally jammed together into chapters, but I tend to think in terms of long narrative arcs rather than individual chapters). There’s only one more section to write, perhaps 30 or 40 pages in all, and then the first draft will be complete – nearly three years after I started it.

Temporal length of composition makes no difference to whether what you’ve been working on is any good, of course. A salutary lesson, gleaned from my continuous reading of Evelyn Waugh – he wrote Brideshead Revisited in three months, on leave from the army during the Second World War.


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