Free State issue 2

I spent the morning walking around the new Riverside Museum down on the Clyde; not the actual museum itself, but the surrounding area, which has begun to obsess me slightly. I love the drone of the motorway here, and the isolated nature of each development, free-standing in a little impersonal zone of its own – the expressionist structure of Zaha Hadid’s museum design, the modernist block of the Glasgow Harbour apartment complex further along the river, immediately opposite the BAE Systems Govan shipyard, linked by areas of wasteland and scrub grass. I took dozens of photographs and have written pages of notes, for something that will probably go in the next issue of Free State (issue 3), or at least on the website. And I’m going to get a short story out of it too, I imagine.

Speaking of Free State, issue 2 is almost ready after a last-minute flurry of activity. Martin has done most of the heavy lifting on this one, and I’ve been proof reading it this evening. I’m hoping to get it emailed out to everyone tomorrow night. If you haven’t done so already, send us an email so we can add you to the list. Go to for more details!


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