Poem in the Guardian

Wow – the first poem I have written for about ten years was among those picked by Rachael Boast (whose debut collection ‘Sidereal’ won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection) for publication on the Guardian’s website, as part of her ‘Poetry Workshop’! Fair enough, as can be seen by following the link, she gave some pretty tough constructive criticism, but this has pleased me no end! Anyone who follows this blog, or is my good friend and co-editor on Free State, Mr Martin MacInnes, who I have bored in innumerable emails over the last few months on the subject, will know that I have been reading more and more poetry lately. A corollary to this is that I have been trying to write some as well, and have found it in many ways far more difficult and satisfying than writing prose fiction. This was the first thing I wrote that I felt vaguely pleased with, and on a whim I submitted it to the workshop. I’ll definitely be following Rachael Boast’s advice on it, anyway.


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