A New Career in a New Town

That’s the name of a David Bowie song, by the way. And in my case it’s not particular accurate, on either count, because not only is this a familiar city to me (I grew up on its margins), I also don’t have a job! After a gap of seven or eight years, I find myself back on the dole, which means that most of my time, when I’m not helping to sort out the usual problems attendant on moving house, I’m scouring the internet for interesting jobs (which takes about five minutes or so) and then trawling the internet for considerably more boring ones. This leaves little time for blog-updating, and less time for sustained novel-redrafting, but at least last night Martin and I managed to meet up and begin some tentative discussions about the next and long-delayed issue of Free State. We also talked about a collaborative book we want to write, based on a ridiculously ambitious and profound journey we want to make in the early summer, which will take in the origins of human life, the alternate model of humanity presented by the neanderthal, the poverty of contemporary culture, and the motive force of writing and art. To say that this is a best-seller in waiting is to speak lightly of it, I’m sure …

So, there may be another enforced break while I get things back on track. It consoles me though that my very early post on Logan Mountstuart and William Boyd’s ‘Any Human Heart’ still nets me dozens of hits a week from around the world, which makes it feel as if this blog is at least part-way active, even when I’m not.


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