Story Shop 2012

In all the excitement I forgot that I still have a blog, and that it would probably be a good idea for me to update it now and then, whether I have anything useful and interesting to say or not. In this case, I actually do – I’ll be reading a sort-of extract from my novel ‘In Borderlands’ in the Spiegeltent at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Friday (24th August), as part of the daily Edinburgh City of Literature Story Shop event. It’s free also, so there’s no excuse not to come along. Unless live literature readings bore you, or unless you find it too excruciating to watch and listen to someone clearly about to have a stroke they’re so nervous at the prospect of reading their work in front of other people, because if God had meant man to listen to written work, he wouldn’t have given them eyes to read it instead, etc etc etc. In any case, I’ll write a blog entry once the whole thing is over and done to give my impressions of the experience. I’m actually beginning to look forward to it. Sort of. We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Story Shop 2012

  1. Ever Dundas

    heh! yes, great post that made me chuckle. Despite having enjoyed Story Shop I still feel irritated that writers are expected to be performers, when we all know they should be locked away in a basement rocking backwards and forwards and chewing on their own hair until writers block passes. Such creatures shouldn’t be unleashed on the public 😉

  2. richardstrachan Post author

    It’s a totally different aesthetic, and while it makes perfect sense for poets to read out their work (poetry being first and foremost and oral art), I don’t really think that prose fiction is particularly well designed for public performance. Saying that, I did enjoy (in the end) the experience! I won’t be rushing to do it again any time soon, but if the opportunity comes up I won’t be turning it down flat. And it felt like a genuine privilege to read in such a location, didn’t it?

  3. Ever Dundas

    well, I think it depends what it is. Some prose works brilliantly read aloud. But yeah, most of the time it isn’t suited.
    Yes, it was wonderful! Great to feel a part of the book fest, and I love the Spiegel.


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