Reading in public

I had my Story Shop reading on Friday, in the Spiegeltent at the Edinburgh Book Festival. It was the first time I had ever read any of my work in public and the experience was far less traumatic than I thought it was going to be. Partly this was down to an attentive and encouraging audience (no one at these things actually wants to see you fail), and also to some semi-heroic self-medicating on my part. I have to admit that although I was beginning to dread the prospect of reading in front of so many other people, once I was up there and actually doing it the whole process was quite enjoyable. Interesting – perhaps I’ve tapped into the previously unsuspected demagogical aspect of my personality, and what I like more than anything is having a rapt audience hanging off my every word? I can see how the experience could become addictive and self-validating, and although I still believe that writing is there primarily to be read (silently) inside the head of the reader, public performance is something I might consider again in the future. A Free State night of readings might not be that far away …

Speaking of which, Free State is back in the running with a newly-designed site, and some updated content in the form of some photos and short videos from the walk Martin and I undertook to Edinburgh Airport a couple of weeks ago. We have a few submissions that we’re going to be putting up over the next couple of weeks, so please have a look at the site either by following the link on the right, or by clicking here.


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