I’ve had a number of short stories printed in magazines, like Causeway/CabhsairNew Writing Scotland and Gutter (issues 4 and 10), which are strictly print only. However, here are a few that have also been posted online, along with a generous selection of reviews …

Short stories

‘Trinidad’ in Northwords Now, issue 29

‘The King my brother’ in Dead Ink

‘An Orkney Swimmer’ in The View From Here

Homes For the Future in Spilling Ink Review issue 7

‘The Wild Geese’ in Litro issue 107

Coagulation Cascade on The Human Genre Project

‘Regression’ in Birdville Magazine issue 5

More blush than burn, in Don’t Do It

Some reviews

‘Welcome to Braggsville’ by T. Geronimo Johnson, in The Herald

‘Neverhome’ by Laird Hunt, in The Herald

‘The Peripheral’ by William Gibson, in The Herald

‘My Life as a Foreign Country’ by Brian Turner, in The Herald (£)

Film reviews at ‘FutureMovies’

‘The Wartime Notebooks’ by Marguerite Duras, in The Skinny

‘A Fair Maiden’ by Joyce Carol Oates, in The Skinny

‘Paradoxical Undressing’ by Kristin Hersh, in The Skinny

‘The Pacific’ by Hugh Ambrose, in The Skinny

‘The Pregnant Widow’ by Martin Amis, in The Skinny

‘The Book of Crows’ by Sam Meekings, in The Scottish Review of Books

‘The Last Wolf’ by Jim Crumley, in The Scottish Review of Books


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